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Kids love jokes! Jokes can aid in story-telling, create laughs, and help with conversation and social skills. Your child will love this hilarious joke book full of clean knock knock jokes for children. Kids and children can practice their reading and joke telling skills with this funny knock knock joke book.

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Beginning and early readers can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment. This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Jokes from this funny book Knock knock! Who's there? Cheese who? Cheese a cute girl! This funny joke book is full of funny knock knock jokes that will have you laughing for hours! This is one of the best joke collections in the world.

These knock knock will make you and your friends giggle. These funny jokes are excellent for kids, children, teens, and adults. Early and beginner readers can practice reading aloud and learning. Why did you do that? To enahthe the thekthual thtimulathon. We're dealing with fundamentalists And, if you're ever in Amish country and you see a man with his hand buried in a horse's ass, that's a mechanic.

Remember that. It doesn't scare me that George W. Bush waved at Stevie Wonder. That's OK. Stevie's only been blind since birth! And there's W. Does he think I'm looking for him? They say the platypus was an animal designed by committee. Was the human body designed by committee? Was there a group of guys who designed it? Was a guy going "Tom, do you have those designs for the human reproductive system?

Let's show you what we came up with.

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Normally, with the mammal penis, we have the retractable. We decided to do something different from the mammal We call it the collapsible. I had my back waxed once by two women When you create you get a little endorphin rush. Why do you think Einstein looked like that? We're now under the offices of Homeland Security. Tom Ridge ever so often goes: "Today is a blue day. They had to be very careful picking that name: "Homeland Security". They couldn't say Fatherland because a lot of the old Germans are going: "That's a good one! As an alcoholic, you will violate your standards quicker than you can lower them.

You will do shit that even the Devil would go "dude And it's not bad enough that they make porn movies, they make porn movies of MY movies. They made "Good Will Humping. That was scary. A clown with a strap-on. Fuck off! You know, "Popeye", I would watch. George W Bush almost died from a fucking pretzel.

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We have billions of dollars in national defense. They want billions more for national security. And he almost fucking goes down from snack food! Secret Service is going: "Game over, man! Gilligan's down. They were licking him for the salt.

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I'd like to start the show by showing you something I'm very proud of. You'll have to step back, though. They call it freebasing. It's not free, it costs you your house! It should be called homebasing!

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Three signs you're addicted to cocaine: First of all, if you come home to your house and you have no furniture and your cat's going "I'm outta here, prick! Number two: If you have this dream where you're doing cocaine in your sleep and you can't fall asleep, and you wake up and you're doing cocaine, BINGO! When you look at Prince Charles, don't you think that someone in the Royal family knew someone in the Royal family? My God, what am I doing here? It's weird. How do you get to the Met? Lots and lots of money!

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I can imagine Pavarotti next door at the improv going "Two Jews walk into a bar What kind of food did we drop on Afghanistan? Pop-Tarts, peanut butter Why are we dropping this food on Afghanistan? Tastes a hell of a lot better than dirt, number one. Number two, difficult to have a call to jihad with a mouth full of peanut butter. Thirdly, Afghanistan is a hashish-smoking culture, and anyone who's ever been a friend of the hookah will go, intense, stoned stare "Pop-Tarts!

After I quit drinking, I realized I am the same asshole I always was; I just have fewer dents in my car.

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  • The Swiss, ya! The Geneva Convention. If there's ever a nuclear war, they will be the only people going: "Vhat was that noise? The nice Germans. Or, as they like to say, "the other white race. I had sex with a prostitute when I was 21, I was so bad, she gave me a refund.

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    The manly sport of golf, where you can dress like a pimp and no one will care. Jesus was an only child. Thank God! Who would want to be Jerry, the brother of Christ? That's a tough gig. I'll sit there with a rash and sand in my ass. Great day for me! I listen to a lot of Jazz, specifically Keith Jarrett piano solos. And for me, if you want just wonderful ballads and love songs, Tom Waits. For those special nights. I don't play golf. I was once at a driving range with my son, I hit 2 balls, and he said "Dad, that's enough. Pot is not like alcohol. Alcohol changes your moods.

    Go to a bar at happy hour and see some happy motherfuckers there. Guys going: "Hey, fuck you, my man! I'm half way there". I'm still waiting for the next Call of Duty.

    fachotsdercponpe.gq It's been very unusual for me because I've done trips overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I would see guys who had just come back from patrol playing Call of Duty, and I would say "you're living this stuff!