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His writing is engaging--funny, but not flippant, educational but never dull, and, occasionally, almost spiritual. For the most part, he keeps his opinions to himself, and does a masterful job of showing rather than telling--he simply immerses himself in a place and reports what he saw. Never preachy or cynical. On the wilder side, there's two pieces about the west Texas desert, the closest thing the state has to "wilderness". There's two about the seashore, one about a beautiful but developed river, one about the Houston zoo, and two the first and last essays that range widely and are a bit philosophical.

The opening essay describes a sunrise in Texas and gives you a sense of the state's monumental size and variety, an excellent starting point.

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With a fellow like Harrigan in the driver's seat, I would have loved to learn more about other parts of the state, such as the pine forests of the east, the Llano Estacado, or the Cross Timbers. Recommend this to anyone who likes natural history or nature writing, or personal essays in general. Some of the info.

Dec 31, Riley Gardner rated it it was amazing. I've got to say, I'm a bit surprised by the negative or poor reviews this book seems to have. I found it so fascinating - a man, documenting for most of his life, the struggle to connect to the land he loves and finding the truth in.

He's in love with the rustic, historical, natural Texas and is searching for what remains of it in today's concrete, post-oil boom, strip mall and Wal-Mart Texas. This is one of the books I've found myself connecting with on such a personal level that it's a bit dau I've got to say, I'm a bit surprised by the negative or poor reviews this book seems to have.

This is one of the books I've found myself connecting with on such a personal level that it's a bit daunting to me, because I've been attempting the same search for the Texas I want for so many years of life now. This is a collection of essays from Texas Monthly, and it's quite a collection. Some are more interesting that others depending on your particular interests and there can be heavy scientific terms and then beautiful naturalist descriptions of the land, so I found it balanced itself nicely.

As a big fan of Stephen Harrigan and his writing style, I found that reading this book is critical to understanding him and what he writes what he does. Many of his personal thoughts, discoveries, criticisms, wishes and nostalgia for old Texas are within this pages and have found their way into his future novels. Perhaps one should be Texan or experienced much of Texas to really understand this book well. I can't argue that, but I feel that anyone such as myself who is struggling to find their place in the world and trying to find the regions and spaces that their mind created out of hope and belief, can connect with this book on some kind of level.

Indeed, I am still reeling from it. Perhaps I'll never read the book fully ever again, but I can imagine myself reading a chapter or two when I need someone to connect and understand my thinking. The last essay really got me good, and I imagine that anyone from Texas has had a similar thought like the essay explores. Thank you for this, Mr.

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I cannot wait for more from you in the future. Oct 21, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: texana. This collection of essays from the 80s was just okay. I wasn't particularly moved by his writing, or his topics the Houston zoo, a Galveston beach, the Chihuahuan Desert. The essay on Padre Island was more interesting I was surprised he drove his car all over the beach, given his purpose there as a naturalist , and I actually enjoyed the one on the San Marcos River "The Perfect River". He makes a few solid observations in the essay "What Texas Means to Me", but overall I was disappointed.

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In addition, for certain majors like nursing or art and art history, there are between one to two additional essays to submit. Consult the end of this post to view the extra essay prompts.

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Now, let CollegeVine guide you through the general writing requirements for this — application cycle! This is the moment to write your story. As the essay with the highest word limit and a prompt that encourages self-reflection, you have the space to craft a narrative arc that you feel best represents who you are.

It is not enough to simply describe your community or your family. These elements must be the means through which the reader gets to know you. Because of the open-endedness of the prompt, the selection of the material to feature in your essay is a very important step.

While this is the longest essay, words do not provide the space to compose an autobiography. Focus on a limited number of related experiences and make use of the extended word count to fully develop details. Limiting the number of topics or anecdotes can also benefit the organization and structure of the essay. Having a solid organization will not only make your essay more readable to a fatigued admissions officer, but it will also be easier to emphasize those all-important links between you experiences growing-up and who you are as a person.

As the oldest of three siblings in a single-parent household, from a young age you have had to collaborate at home.

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From taking out the trash and washing clothes to checking homework and cooking, these responsibilities have evolved over the years. While they have sometimes come into conflict with your own schoolwork, through your household tasks you have also developed a close relationship with your family.

The transition proved difficult for you as an only child. After an initial period of isolation, you decided to learn Latvian and make friends in your new neighborhood. Those three years living in Riga helped you mature and widened your conception of the world. Living in rural Florida, you developed a close relationship with the unique ecosystems of the peninsula.

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You spent vacations with your siblings kayaking among mangroves and collecting bugs. Discovering the dangers that threaten the environment, you joined a non-profit organization that protects wildlife and cleans natural areas. One final suggestion: proceed with caution when describing other people.

While it is perfectly valid to mention hardworking parents or a beloved best friend, students often fall into the misstep of focusing on the other person rather than themselves. An admissions officer once told me: I knew nothing about the applicant after reading her essay, but I did feel like offering a spot to her amazing mother! Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way.

Wait, what?! UT Austin wants you to have your life figured out? This first short response posits an idyllic hypothetical — you have free choice of a career, without facing economic, family, societal and practical restraints. The purpose of this phrasing is to encourage students to share what authentically excites them in life. They want assurance that something more genuine drives you to succeed and contribute to your field.

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  4. As a result, if you have a ten-year plan ready to go, make sure you that describe in a way that transmits a real passion for your intended career path. A professional path that is too perfected and leaves no room for growth or change can appear to lack humanity.

    blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/meta/veni-vidi-vici-everything.php On the other hand, if you are figuring things out as you go, demonstrate that you have a guiding star. It can be a fascination with world religions and spirituality or a lifelong interest in gardening. Should I choose poetry or computer science? Is there an intersection I can discover in college? As long as you express an earnest curiosity and willingness to learn, your ambivalence will not hurt your application.

    After an experience shadowing a surgeon in high school, you have made the resolution to go to medical school and specialize in cardiothoracic surgery. The human connections that you made during your shadowing experience deeply impacted you.

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    The tactile relationship between artist and raw material inspires you to create. Inspired by your AP Art History course in high school, you studied the biography and artistic philosophy of Michelangelo Buonarroti. You are sure this is your passion but are also conscious of the financial instability of embarking upon an art career. This is why you are looking to double major and seek to explore options in the social sciences and humanities during your first year.

    Over the years you have learned to tend to a wide variety of plants. At the same time, you have a talent for drawing and are inspired by the modernist buildings you saw during a visit to Barcelona. You feel torn and are hoping to find answers in college. High school and college are moments of discovery and change.