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Since the beginning of time, plenty of research has gone into discovering the differences between men and women. Comparing likes and dislikes give us a better understanding of the opposite sex. For example, a study released in April of this year found that when it came to sexual fantasies , men were into threesomes and role-playing while women were into stripping down and making out with other women.

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While men tend to search for porn based on certain age groups i. According to the survey, men tend to value their partners more than women do. For men, the majority of them 40 percent said their TV was the most important thing in their life, while nearly 50 percent of women said it was their toothbrush.

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You read that right, toothbrush. Multitools are delightfully wonderful little gizmos.

Shabbat Shalom

You can be a Mr. Fix-It without an unwieldy red toolbox and sagging tool belt.

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All you need is this one simple thing. My vintage Victorinox is likely to be near impossible to track down. As someone who runs a gear and gadgets site, I often get asked for product recommendations. What are the relatively inexpensive things I really love?

The Strategist: What Maria Sharapova Can’t Live Without

I was skeptical years ago when we received an Echo Dot as a gift, and to this day I still squirm when I imagine all the conversations Alexa eavesdrops on. Wirecutter recommends the Amazon Echo — an upgrade over the more bare-bones Echo Dot that I use, which Wirecutter still recommends as an affordable alternative. A marriage-saving Bluetooth tracker.

My wife is a brilliant, hilarious, kind, beautiful and accomplished woman. She also misplaces her phone several times a day, and it drives me crazy.

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Enter the Tile Mate, a godsend for our marriage and sanity. Wirecutter recommends the Tile Pro , a higher-end version of the Tile Mate we use. But every Friday, after my kids go to sleep, I make myself a stiff gin martini dirty, with olives to help me leave my work behind and ease into the weekend. I use a cobbler shaker, which has a canister, a lid with a strainer and a cap.

Wirecutter recommends the Usagi Cobbler Shaker and loads of other great barware. This was a huge mistake.