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Is He Into You Or The Friendship?

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Megan Barton Hanson questioned if she was gay during romance with Demi Sims due to lacklustre sex

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Julia Quinn, Gay Romance, & More - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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  • Dinner at Home by Rick R. Reed Goodreads Author 3. I admit, I do not know what has already been confirmed in ME3 regarding the crew. I avoid as much info on ME3 as I possibly can, but to try and explain action in the previous games, I dunno how well that would turn out. Unless it just ends up the guy plays both ways. Garrus would just seem odd to me. You have seen him in both games, spent a lot of time with him, and then, at the end of the conflict with the Reapers, him and Shepard finally decided to celebrate with a homosexual relationship?

    Doesn't fit. I don't see it fitting with current established characters. All seem to have established interest in females via comments at one point during the two games. This is another example of someone assuming that sexual attraction being black and white. You're assuming that, from birth, people are either straight, gay, or bisexual. Sexuality is a moving target. Yes, sometimes, people are completely adverse to the thought of being in a relationship with someone of the same sex, but for some people, it might be possible for them to develop feelings toward someone of the same sex.

    Think about it from Ashley or Kaidan, or hell, anybody else on the Normandy's perspective. If someone like Shepard came around and saved their ass multiple times and treated them like the most special person to them in the entire world, who's to say that they couldn't develop feelings for them, even if they are the same sex? And Garrus has never specifically stated that he's straight. The only information we know about his past sex life is that tie-breaker he had with a turian woman. All I'm saying is, if somebody went through all the shit they've been through with Shepard, why wouldn't they be able to develop feelings for them?

    Ok, diverting from the debate over Garrus' sexuality, let's look at this from a gameplay perspective. Between the first two titles, you have a total of ten Love Interest options excluding Morinth and Kelly among your squadmates. Of these, there are two that are available for romance by both male and female Sheps: Liara and Samara, who are both mono-gendered asari, and thus only opposed to romancing either form of Shepard if not pursued or approached appropriately. This leaves us with a handful of possibilities, not the least of which is the capability of old teammates coming out of the galactic closet for Shep, as Dezzy put it earlier.

    To answer the question from my own perspective, I do not believe opening sexual orientation possibilities will harm canon in any way. However, I do believe that a player can cause some severe emotional calamity amongst the crew and potential allies if they so choose by jaunting off with another LI.

    Also, I totally see Kaidan going gay. Just putting that out there, since he was supposed to be in ME1. Honestly, I can't see eigher Garrus or Kaidan going gay, theyre more bro, less bromo.

    Selling bread with homophobia in Russia

    However, Vega or a Salarian, ""cough Solus cough"" i could see. Requires research. Further testing required If i wanted to try human, id try you. Besides, it never got as cold as here. No negative twenty temperatures to worry about, thank you very much. I could only see her when she was up in the air. On landing, only her hands were visible between the large SUVs surrounding her car. She released Edi and zeroed in on me. Air rushed out of my lungs when she hurled herself at me.