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If you lack solar panels or RTGs, make sure you have a large enough battery for your mission! The supplies consumed by a single kerbal is set at 1. Kerbals can go 90 hours without Supplies without incident. After 90 hours Kerbals will simply stop working. They'll stay in their seat but they won't EVA, they won't command the ship - they'll act like tourists.

Once provided Supplies , they'll return to work.

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By default this includes exceptional veteran Kerbals Jeb, Bill, Bob, Valentina - those in orange suits however you can change the 'NoSupplyEffectVets' configuration in the setting. Additionally, on Kerbin, Kerbals will not strike if below 25km altitude. They will still consume resources but will happily keep working.

Assume they find some berries to eat if they run out of food. No need to manage Supplies for ground bases and most atmospheric craft on Kerbin. Recyclers reduce the need for supplies by assuming that your Kerbals will use the recyclers as needed to reduce the amount of supplies pulled from storage.

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Each converter has a different recipe for producing Supplies :. All the converters require ElectricCharge and Machinery. Kolonization parts must be staffed and efficiency bonuses govern total throughput, but not conversion ratios. Fertilizer is a required resource for converters that produce supplies.

In addition, the stock Convert-O-Tron can produce Fertilizer from Ore , though this process is inefficient. Kerbals automatically produce one unit of Mulch for each unit of Supplies consumed. Mulch needs to be stored in a suitable container such as the Pioneer Module, otherwise it's purged as it's produced. Nom-O-Matics do not need to be staffed and do not benefit from workload efficiency bonuses. There is currently no fully closed loop cycle without some form of ongoing resource extraction. Each unit of Fertilizer that is brought or fabricated is capable of turning 8 units of Mulch into 9 units of Supplies.

This section is retained to show how it worked previously. Just want to know how to keep your Kerbals alive, read this. If you want more details skip to the sections below. These circuits are self-sustaining. You do not need to add additional resources to keep them going. Using Fertilizer produces more Organics with the same amount as you would use with the Greenhouse Converter of the Aeroponics Module.

For some reason the store wants to display not released when you click on Hopefully someone at Valve can help when office hours have started again. My big "Steam debut" has been a total disaster so far!

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Haha, it's better for the hype buildup. Can't wait to upload my lets play on it! It was way too awesome! Sounds like an awesome update! Have you got plans for this to come to steam eventually? Thank you! And it is on Steam, just uploaded it a few hours ago but the download page isn't working.

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I just sent Valve an email asking them to fix whatever it is I've broken. Hi this is my first time commenting. Id just like to tell you that your game is awesome I honestly play it more then all my other vr games. Pros: its difficult and a challenge, I love the point locomotion, and using the sights to line up a shot.

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Cons, sometime you enter a room and a robot is directly in front of the door and instantly kills you in the doorway, there is an consistent spawn of items and soldiers glitch into the walls, also a few times I've fallen through the world but that only happened twice out of to many times to count.

It would be cool to have a difficulty slider that as you move up changes bullet speed, enemy reaction time and stuff like that instead of set difficulty levels. Also can you make an option to make the game more challenging then it is right now. Thank you very much DrawMaster! I just uploaded a new version that should fix the issues you were having: the robot's engines are make noise so you can hear them behind doors now, and the doors have been totally reworked to have better cover.

There are now 3 difficulty options that do change things like reaction times and enemy bullet speeds.

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Easy is much easier than before, and hard is a fair jump in difficulty up, too. In preparation for release of the new update, I'm doing a few things I've never done before. Some things were way easier than expected, but other things were more complicated than I expected. I'm still aiming for Monday American time but things will probably slip a day or two; hopefully not but I'll give it my best attempt. I've learnt a valuable lesson: saying the most optimistic release date is a bad idea. Next time I'll try to under-promise and over-deliver instead of the other way around.

After it's out I'll be working on a quick mini-update to add some much needed options for locomotion, left handedness, comfort, etc. I'll try to do that as quickly as possible because I want to get back to adding content like new weapons, enemies, maps, etc. It's about time we saw some new weapons and enemy types.

Overall this update took a long time for a number of reasons including a hospital visit and a broken Vive and a few surprises in my personal life but productivity is back up and hopefully that means the updates will come faster, too. Big thanks to everyone who visits this page all the time and leaves comments, and thanks again for your patience and putting up with the delayed updates.

No problem dude.

The game is great and unique. It's better you take your time to make it everything you want it to be. You'll have to download it here for now as even though I finally got it on Steam, I've managed to break the steam download page somehow and no-one can view it. Thanks for your patience! EDIT: Dammit! It's done but I can't release until Monday for reasons. Also, I thought it was Thursday today because I am an idiot.

It's a shame because it would have been nice to release today And thank you so much for saying that, you are awesome. Also, I'm pretty sure I've missed out lots of other things but this is most of it:.

Changed: - Improved instructions - Enemies esp. What I'm working on now: - Make critical hits clear to the player - Items despawn, blink before disappearing - Enemy A. Every once in a while there is this sound in the soundtrack and it sounds like a door swinging or something, and it makes me really paranoid that there is an enemy sneaking around me and opening the doors or something like that.

Eat to Live Diet Reloaded

A Subreddit would be really cool though. I can't wait for the next update. The Locomotion just works so fluently with the combat though. However I do know that this isn't the first game to have a locomotion system like this, but this is definitely the best game to pull it off. Also as a side note I will surely be making more YT videos on this game, my channel name is Mithridate7. Also I think I heard about plans for a non-vr version of this, it sounds like a cool idea, I might play a couple minutes of it, but I always want a reason to use my Vive.

Please don't make Compound cost money, I would be fine with in-game purchases though, most vive games don't have in-game purchases and that's why the price of vive games are so high. Thanks for the huge feedback.

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I pretty my agree with everything you've said. There is a lot here so I talk about each point, one at a time:. Duly noted! The original idea was to not let them get close in the first place, but the map out layout made that hard. The spaces are slightly more open in the upcoming version, and the doors are different, so again it might be easier to keep your distance.

I'll have to tweak and balance things as I go. The upcoming version has difficulty settings, and these affect drop rates.