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Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say effortless in sign language? Erik Schnakenberg : It's that effortless design that most guys look good wearing, but it wasn't really happening for anyone except at the higher price point.

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Chuck Patterson : It feel kind of like snowboarding in pure powder where it's just effortless and you're floating free or you know feel like you're flying pretty much half the time. Popularity rank by frequency of use effortless Select another language:. Powered by CITE. This usage is distinctly different to the normal sense in which the word is applied. Erik Kowal Erik Kowal Erik, i wouldn't say "usually" in the first para - that's simply the meaning of the word. The presenter simply misspoke. JoeBlow - Please feel free to add any further pedantic comments you may have.

LOL fair enough Erik. But, I hope you can see what I'm getting at: I'm on a bit of a rant against "overly-explanatory" answers on this site. I feel your answer for example muddies the waters.

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The presenter as presented here did not "have a different sense in mind.. So, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got caught up in this whole horror. I think this is the strongest answer to the OP's question. On the surface, effortless seems to imply "absence of effort," but the focus of the term as most English speakers use it is on the appearance of not making an effort.

A superb athlete can make some remarkable feat look effortless in part because so much effort has gone into training. The judge here meant something like "low-effort. It is used in a positive manner.


The first judge used it incorrectly. Veronica Diamond Veronica Diamond 1, 8 8 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. You'll soon have , points with answers that good! When you say effortless you imply it looks but if you specifically say it WAS effortless there is an argument that technically that is a correct but uncommon usage. In reality for that meaning someone would use a word like lazy. You are right , it would depends on the tone too in some situations but generally it is related to the world natural : not requiring effort.

If you are to use it to define someone's performance, it would always be positive eg : it was an effortless performance , will be a praise.

It doesn't mean "showing no effort". It can be wrongly used by someone who wants to say "showing no effort" but uses the wrong term instead. SomewhatRegrettably SomewhatRegrettably 39 3 3 bronze badges. With answers that good, all you need is to change to an actual nickname, and you'll soon have , fun points! I hadn't noticed. How ironic that Joe Blow tells me I need an actual nickname.

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Fun points, here I come! Being so old, I'm very scared of revealing my identity on the internet so I always use a non de plume. TBC you could use either a nickname, or, just your real name.