Expanding Your Vision and Ideas

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I wanted to see how big I could make the songs sound. I usually make songs that would sound good in your headphones, or while driving in a car. This time, I wanted to make something to connect with the club crowd. To that end, Bear paid as much attention to the bass lines as he did to his sparkling keyboard textures.

As is becoming the standard for Toro y Moi, the new record is quite the departure from past albums. There's also some psychedelic guitar shredding bobbing around in the mix. They're not kids that only listen to low-fi sounds and vinyl.

1. Offer a drop box for ideas.

That made me think I could mix all kind of frequencies and qualities on one record and no one would care. That led me to make an album where the genre is not concise," Bear said. I was thinking about the playlist culture that's populated with people who listen to streaming music. I made a mixtape, so to speak. Although the album has its quiet moments, most of the songs on Outer Peace are upbeat yet peaceful in their own way. Peace is generally within us, so I wanted to explore the idea of outer peace. It's a reference to my own social anxiety.

If you can't find peace in your head, because your head's too crazy, you go to your car, or go walk on a trail, or find yourself zoning out looking into a computer screen. A lot of songs on the album talk about technology and how it affects everyday life. Everyone is a bit scared of where it's going.

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I am too, but we have to embrace technology and where it's taking us. Bear invited artists he's toured with, as well as Brijean Murphy, a member of his touring band, to add their talents to several tracks.

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Entrepreneurs are everywhere and good ideas can come from anywhere, what is important is how we apply it and analyze this. A start-up or expansion is an institution, not just a product, so it requires management a new kind of management specifically geared to its context. Startsups exist to learn how to build sustainable business. Most people in the West, at least think about decision-making as something of a science.

We accumulate as much information as we can.


If Your Vision Is Only About Yourself, You Are Too Narrowly Focused

We assemble it, analyze it, weigh the pros and cons, prioritize it, and eventuall y make our decisions. Then we pat ourselves on the back for having done the best w e could to make the correct decision. However, many recent studies, such as one conducted in a joint research study from the Kellogg School of Management and Nijmegen University, have indicated that a combination of analysis and intuition provides the best solutions to solving complex problems.

We have put such an emphasis on intuition to indicate to the skeptics that an intuitive approach to thinking about the future and decision-making is not only valuable, but it really works. And we incorporate intuitive techniques into this Expansion Phase. On completion of the Expansion Phase, participants then have a gap of two days to two weeks to reflect on what has been accomplished before the Synthesis Phase. To be continued in Part 3…. Locke and Rachel L.

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Analyze Any New Business or Idea or the Expansion of a Business. – Bernhard Arnold & Co.

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    A Vision for Your Future

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