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Co-founder Robert Noyce, realized that the technique also made it possible to interconnect multiple transistors into a complete electronic circuit on a single silicon chip.


In , another Fairchild founder, Gordon Moore, observed that continual improvements in the technology had allowed a steady increase with time in the number of components on each IC. Continuing this trend, 50 years later manufacturers were routinely putting more than one billion transistors on a chip.

Most of the companies around here even today can trace their lineage back to Fairchild. It was really the place that got the engineer entrepreneur really moving. While still at Fairchild, founder Kleiner had encouraged a lab technician to start his own company, Electroglas, to build specialized manufacturing equipment heralding the birth of a supporting ecosystem of specialty and service companies. Both firms funded hundreds of technology-based startups.

The name stuck.

92nd Medical Group - Fairchild AFB

A printing included semiconductor companies that were traced directly to Fairchild. Founded by Moore and Noyce in , Intel Corporation was the most influential and successful of the first generation of Fairchildren. Other Fairchildren produced IC chips and technologies that enabled new communications, computing, and consumer products and, in turn, spun-off companies to exploit them. The best of them grew and thrived in the heady atmosphere of Silicon Valley where employee stock options played an important role in individual motivation, encouraging risk taking and creating, in some cases, substantial personal wealth.

Many more companies failed than succeeded. Key product areas that grew into major industries included disk-drive storage, personal computers, local area networks, the internet, and mobile communication and computing devices.

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A host of new companies developing software applications running on these hardware platforms, including financial, education, desktop publishing and computer-aided design CAD packages, emerged in the s. Fairchild never fully recovered from the exodus of talent. Sales continued to grow through the s but lagged in profits and significant new products. French oil services supplier Schlumberger purchased the company in but unable to reverse the decline sold the assets to National Semiconductor in National spun off several older commodity product lines to a group of managers at the former Fairchild plant in South Portland, Maine, in and the reconstituted Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.

Fairchild Semiconductor: The 60th Anniversary of a Silicon Valley Legend - CHM

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