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Developing a firm understanding of what is expected of you in these situations can save lives. In addition to knowing the overall protocol for an emergency situation, ensure that you know emergency routes specific to the room in which you are subbing as well as how to lock the door if necessary. Being professional starts with how you dress. Understand that you are working with minors.

Arrive early. There are many things a substitute needs to do to ensure that he has a fantastic day before school begins. After checking in, look over the daily schedule and lesson plans , ensuring you have a clear understanding of the material you will be required to teach that day. Getting to know the teachers in the rooms around you can provide you with a lot of assistance.

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  • Substitute Teacher Job Description.

They will likely be able to help you with questions specific to the schedule and the content. They may also be able to give you additional tips specific to your students that could benefit you. Build a relationship with these teachers because you may have the opportunity to sub for them at some point. Every teacher runs his room differently, but the overall makeup of the students in the room will always be the same.

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You will always have students who are class clowns, others who are quiet, and those that simply want to help. Identify the handful of students who can be helpful. They can assist you with finding materials in the classroom and run small errands for you if needed. If possible, ask the classroom teacher who these students are beforehand. Start the day off by setting your own expectations and rules. Inform students that you will hold them accountable for their actions and that you will assign consequences for poor behavior.

If needed, refer them to the principal. The single biggest thing that will bother a regular classroom teacher about a substitute is for the substitute to deviate from his plans. The teacher usually leaves specific assignments that he expects to be completed when he returns. Deviating or not completing these activities is seen as disrespectful, and teachers for whom you substitute will ask the principal not to put you back in their room if you fail to follow their plans.

A teacher wants to know how your day went.

Write a note. Include students who were helpful as well as those who gave you problems.

How to Be a Successful Substitute Teacher

Be detailed including what these students did and how you handled it. Address any issues you may have had with the curriculum. Finally, let the teacher know that you enjoyed being in her classroom and give her your phone number to contact you should she has any additional questions. Leave the room in as good of or better condition than it was when you arrived. Other days you will follow a detailed lesson plan. Your work day will typically last six to seven hours, ending when the students go home.

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If you take on an extended assignment, you will have homework to correct and lesson plans to write. But regardless of the time frame of the job, when you become a substitute teacher you will occasionally be called upon to improvise when the regular teacher does not leave a lesson plan or activity for the class.


Featured Teaching ProgramsSponsored Content. If you become a substitute teacher, you never know where your job will take you. You might spend one day teaching inner-city high school science , two days teaching third graders at an international school and then two months teaching junior high English at a private school. You have the freedom to choose which assignments to pursue at whichever schools you wish.

Since substitute teachers often teach a wide range of grade levels, you will likely take assignments with elementary schools, junior high schools, middle schools and high schools if you want a significant number of work hours.

Substitute Teaching: Discipline in 2nd and 3rd Grade Classes

In time you might develop a preference as you learn which age groups you enjoy and are most effective in teaching. As you develop relationships with districts and schools in your area, you may find yourself with plenty of work teaching only specific grade levels or subject classes. School districts are often interested in your preferences and skills, particularly if you have a teaching degree or work experience in a particular subject. Substitute teachers earn significantly less than full-time classroom teachers, but there are still plenty of reasons to pursue substitute teaching. Often, a student will become a substitute teacher to explore the teaching profession.

Substitute teaching is also a great way to earn money on the side if you are a stay-at-home parent, student or are self-employed. According to the U. Different education industries will pay differently, as some industries may require more previous knowledge or training than others. State teaching certification boards do not regulate substitute teaching. In fact, many districts have their own substitute teacher requirements. Therefore, the qualifications you need to become a substitute teacher will vary widely depending on where you want to teach.