Lessons from the Heart: Navigating Life

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The Course has been a life raft for me in a sea of turbulent information.

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You want to take this course! I am now beginning to experience a level of true Peace, Love and Joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! WOW is the only word that I can think of to truly describe this transformative experience! We have withheld testimonial names to respect the privacy of our students.

Lessons from Kobe Bryant: Navigating Your Child’s Sports Heroes

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The Nature of Things - Navigating Everyday Life with Grace Quotes

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Black Female Authors: Lessons from the Heart: Navigating Life

These are real athletes with real physical limitations and temptations. A large and influential part of life is failing , falling short of your goals and expectations. It is how an individual responds to those failures that determines whether they are a hero or a coward. At younger ages with expansive imaginations, sometimes reality is hard to separate from fantasy.

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However, your responsibility as a parent is to nurture the feelings of self-worth independent of their heroes. Your children have value and merit as themselves alone; in fact, they are just as amazing in your eyes, more so than anyone they will ever see on ESPN. However, for the sake of our children, we must be careful to discerningly navigate our way through these sports legends, being intentional to transform these heroes into rewarding and educational life lessons.

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