London Before the Conquest (History London by W. R. Lethaby)

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Although many works listed here incorporate other topics such as architecture, social life, economics, and politics, or could serve as guides, all of these books have history as their primary focus, either the general history of London or the more specific history of one of its parts. Stow, a London-born chronicler and antiquarian who started out as a tailor, was the first author to expressly treat the city--its history, antiquities and government. Methodically traversing the streets of London and its suburbs, the Svrvay provides descriptions and anecdotes of every aspect of the city from its churches to its inns and alehouses, description that is enlivened by many personal recollections, both of the author and other earlier writers.

Stow's account preserves in minute detail the buildings, social conditions and customs of London before memory of the profound changes effected by the reformation of the national religion faded, as well as before much of the city was destroyed by the Great Fire. Numerous editions of the Svrvay were published over the years, often undergoing substantial and at times questionable editing. These later editions also typically include illustrations and maps not found in the original.

With the exception of the second, Bryn Mawr owns all the major editions of Stow, including that of edited by John Strype. Stow's model of walking the city of London--history as walking tour--has stood as the foundation for all those historians who have followed him on the same subject, even into the twentieth century.

Fler böcker av W R Lethaby

Not all of these authors were Londoners, and none were historians in today's sense of the word. Howell, a writer and son of a Welsh clergyman, held a variety of employments, including factory administrator, secretary and instructor; De Laune was an Irish Catholic who became a Baptist and wrote a religious tract, for which he died in prison; and Pennant was a distinguished Welsh intellectual and naturalist who, in addition to publishing tours and topographic works, popularized and promoted the study of natural history.

While most of their works have a political or social focus, Noorthouck is the first to study London's history from an economic point of view, claiming that it was in fact commerce that gave birth to English liberty and that they have mutually advanced each other ever since. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries a shift in historiography took place, in which history developed into an academic discipline and profession and at the same time histories were now written for popular reading--more chronological narrative than walking tour. Mirroring this shift are the various histories of London, both general and specific, written by Sir Walter Besant, popular London novelist, scholar and social reformer.

Interestingly, Besant began work on his own Survey of London , which was intended to do for modern London what Stow did for the Elizabethan city, but which was unfortunately left unfinished. The collection contains several books dealing with more specific aspects of London's history, which also indicate this new type of historiography: George Clinch's Mayfair and Belgravia ; The History of the Squares of London and The Annals of Fleet Street by London historian E.

C5 Chamberlain, Henry, fl. London : Printed for J. Cooke, [] I Cruchley, G. Cruchley's picture of London : comprising the history, rise, and progress of the metropolis to the present period London : G.


Cruchley, I d? De Laune, Thomas, d. Delavne, gent. Harris and T. Howkins, I Entick, John, ? By the Rev. John Entick, M. A London, E.

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G6 Heylyn, Peter, A help to English history: containing a succession of all the kings of England As also of all the dukes, marquises, earls and bishops thereof And since his death continued, with great additions, to the first day of November, With the coats of arms of the nobility London : Printed for the editor, sold by Mr. Bathurst [etc. Streater for H. Twilford, G. Sawbridge, T.

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Dring, and J. Place, are to be sold at their shops, DA Paul's to St. H93 Hunt, Leigh, The town; its memorable characters and events. By Leigh Hunt. With forty-five illustrations London, Smith, Elder, and Co. H93 b Hunter, Henry, The history of London, and its environs: containing an account of the origin of the city; its state under the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans; its rise and progress to its present state of commercial greatness.

Likewise an account of all the towns, villages, and country, within twenty-five miles of London.

Lethaby, W. R. (William Richard) 1857-1931

By the late Rev. Henry Hunter, D. Stockdale, by S. Gosnell, I Hutchings, W. Heneage Jesse London : R. Bentley, DA J63 Knight, Charles, , ed London.

go Bohn, I Lethaby, W. William Richard , London before the conquest, by W. Strahan for T. Cadell, fDA L99 Maitland, William, ? London : Printed by assignment from T. Osborne for J. Wilkie, T.

Roman London: 55BC to 5th Century AD

Lowndes, G. Kearsly and S. Bladon, ffDA Owen, DA