Lucifers Rules

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To answer that question, we must consider the entire context of Isaiah As we look at that chapter, we find abundant evidence that the entire chapter is describing Satan's fall.

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For example, Isaiah 14 also calls this individual the "king of Babylon" v. Furthermore, this person is welcomed into Sheol to lie on a bed of maggots v.

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Also, in v. Simply put, it is impossible to conclude from the context of Isaiah 14 that Lucifer is a reference to Christ. We must conclude it refers to Satan. In summary, we must guide our understanding of the word lucifer by the context in which it appears.

Lucifer’s Fall

In Isaiah 14, the context clearly shows this word used to describe Satan. He changed his name to Satan, which means adversary. And the angels who rebelled with Lucifer became demons.

In all of this, however, God did not remove Satan from the throne of this Earth. This is why Scripture refers to the devil as prince of the world John ; If Satan is the god of this world and the whole world is deceived, as it says in Revelation , let us now consider how Satan maintains his deceptive influence over the minds of men. Satan, in other words, is a broadcaster. He transmits his signal imperceptibly through the air, much like a radio or television signal is transmitted invisibly across the airwaves. This satanic influence explains why man, even though equipped with a mind that is vastly superior to the animal brain, is utterly incapable of solving even the simplest of problems.


He offered man the Holy Spirit through the tree of life. But Adam and Eve rejected that way of life and instead took from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The devil talks to god

Ever since, man has been cut off from God and His Spirit. He has been held captive to the evil influences and deceptive sway of the prince of the power of the air. See Mark Jesus was a messenger with good news about a world-ruling government to be set up on Earth—one that would replace the administration currently occupied by Satan and his demons. Yet Christ did not set up that Kingdom immediately at the time of His first coming.

The Pharisees knew Jesus was the prophesied Messiah.

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

But they understood only one Messianic appearance. So they supposed he was planning to overthrow the Roman Empire then! The nobleman here refers to Christ. Why not? This is where the Church comes in. In order for the chaotic problems of this world to finally end, there must be a completely new government established by Christ as the supreme Ruler—but with many other servants ruling under Him, fulfilling other governmental responsibilities.