Making Peace with Your Emotions: Living Life to the Fullest (Women of Faith Study Guide Series)

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I do not feel happy when I am confused, so I won't bother learning anything new. I do not wish to be embarrassed, so I will avoid speaking up. I don't want to experience sadness, so I will not allow myself to care. We set up emotional comfort zones and stay within them.

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No one can make us budge, not even the Lord. We create our own happy, little bubble. We take firm control so we can always be happy. Our emotions can deceive us. Our own selfish desires attempt to overrule what our heads tell us is right. What does Deuteronomy warn? Jeremiah further warns that people would rather listen to the dictates of their own evil hearts than listen to God Jer. What kinds of things come out of the heart, according to Mark — 22? Solomon was wise, even in matters of the heart. What does he say about our hearts in Proverbs ?

I just want to be happy. That's not such an unreasonable desire, is it? Or is it not? When we place our own happiness as the highest goal in life, we do so at a great cost.

In doing so, we decide our happiness is more important than anyone else's. This self-centeredness begins to skew our perceptions. We begin to insist on people jumping through our hoops. Everything should fall in line with our expectations. If we are not happy, then things need to change. It's all about me — my plan, my choice, my favorites, my best interests, my comfort, and my happiness. What's worse, our happiness becomes more important than God's truth.

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The things He is asking in the Scriptures put a crimp in our style. Convinced instead that God would want us to be happy, we begin to pick and choose the parts of the Bible we'll apply. We try to fit the Scriptures into our comfort zones. That's modular faith, and we're only deceiving ourselves.

In so doing, we feel justified as we continue on the path to becoming little tyrants, little despots, and little gods. So our hearts are deceitful. They can deceive us, so we can't trust them. What are we to do? Thankfully, God understands our hearts, even when they leave us confused. Look at these verses. God knows your heart. So why not give it to Him? What does Proverbs tell us to do — And not to do?

If we truly want God's help in managing our mish-mashed moods, He asks us to do Check out Psalm We join David in praying, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord" Ps. Check out the following verses to see how this can come about?

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Happiness should never be our ultimate goal. Rather, we should be looking for God to make us new and give us a pure heart. What does God promise in Ezekiel ? There are lots of verses in the Bible that talk about God giving us a new heart, another heart, a willing heart. Deceitful though they are, our hearts can be stirred to do that which is good and right and useful to the Lord.

Here are just a few of those verses:. This week, pray for God to help you understand your own heart.

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Ask the Lord to bring its wily ways clearly to your attention. Then, as you see how easily your emotions can lead you into trouble, ask for the courage to stop following your heart everywhere it goes. Give up the impulse to put your happiness first, and place your trust in God and His Word instead. Depend on God to give you a new heart, and to stir your heart to do His will.

Our heart is deceitful. Sneaky as a snake. Crafty as a fox. Wiley as Wiley Coyote, and just as persistent in trying to get what it wants. To remind us of this, this week's trinket is a bar of soap. No matter how much we want for God to make us clean, our heart is as slippery as soap.

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If we keep this in mind, we can be on guard against the whims of emotion. When we are wise, we cannot be led astray by the wiles of the heart. Our temper is most often compared to flames of fire. We say tempers flare.

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Anger smolders in our hearts. We harbor burning wrath, seething emotions. People who lose their tempers are called hotheads or are said to have a short fuse. Anger barely contained is said to be boiling near the top. And when we can't contain the anger any longer, we blow our top and sparks fly. In cartoons, we see the stages of building emotion.

Shoulders hunch, fists clench, faces scrunch, teeth clench, color rises through the face, eyes become bloodshot, steam begins to escape through the ears, and then comes the explosion. Purchased a Jesus Calling 50 Devotions for Comfort Purchased a 5 Minutes with God in the Car Line Close menu. Your Price:. Quantity Remaining:. This Item Ships to. Delivery in business days. Delivery and Returns.

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