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Roy Hargrove - Strasbourg - St. Denis Trumpet Solo

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Sjostakovitsj String Quartet No. View concert. Beethoven, Holloway, Kortekaas. Skrjabin, B. Dean, Beethoven. Sjostakovitsj, Copland, Gershwin. Hindsley Sjostakovitsj Mars van de Sovjet militie, op. Jolivet, Bodurov, Henze. We encourage you to order your concert tickets using a different browser. String Quartet No.

Podrugi The Gilrfriends. Piano Quintet in G minor, op. Phaeton's journey: son of the sun trumpet concerto.

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Mass in C major, op. Dramatis personae. Plechtige ouverture voor de twintigste gedenkdag van de Oktoberrevolutie, op. Concert in Bes. Mars in Bes, op. There's a reason your top level comment has negative karma and for the record, I haven't downvoted it myself. I have not provided any incorrect information, you've just struggled and failed at the basic task of hearing another person convey factual information without ignorantly and arrogantly falsely stating that something not conveyed through your perspective is therefore incorrect. You look like a real dumbass here, just stop.

So when you play a trumpet, just blowing in to it, without pressing any of the valves, a C comes out, the same C as you'd hear on a piano or guitar?

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Not the same C as you'd hear on piano or guitar. Piano and guitar are in the "key of C" which means that they play concert pitches.

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If you're playing a Bb trumpet a trumpet in the key of Bb , when you play a C it sounds a concert Bb. Transposing the music to allow the Bb trumpet player to call a concert Bb a "C" allows that relationship between staff position and fingering to remain the same from one instrument to the next.

No it's the C that a trumpet player would see written as a C in a trumpet part. It's actually a Bb in concert or absolute pitch. So that C in the trumpet players part will be written as a Bb in the conductor's score or, say a flute concert pitch instrument that doesn't transpose part that is playing in unison with the trumpet line. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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