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This means there must be at least two light sources. First, anyone who has ever walked outside at night under street lamps will notice multiple shadows cast from various street lamps. As a good rule of thumb, one light source equals one shadow.

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If there were multiple spotlights in use, we should see more than one shadow for each object, but that is not the argument made by Moon-hoaxers. They are talking about the directions of the shadows just to be clear. Now, if you look at the pictures, you will see one shadow. The picture is surprisingly accurate, but almost does a better job at dispelling this argument.

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It so happens that the three cast shadows all point in different directions from one another in the recreation, whereas there are only two directions seen in the Apollo picture. All created with a single light source. Argument: There is no blast crater under the Lunar Module. The Lunar Module should have created a blast crater as it landed. When landing, the Lunar Module only exerted a pressure of about 1.

Argument: The Lunar Module should have kicked up dust as it landed. That dust should be visible on the feet of the Module. Again, the Module did kick up a little dust, but not anywhere near that much. Simply because there is no air on the moon. When a rocket blasts off from Earth, air pressure helps kick everything around.

On the Moon, however, only dust that touched the exhaust was displaced. Argument: As the flag is deployed, it waves due to a rogue breeze. There is no breeze on the moon, so this must have been filmed on Earth.

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NASA thought it looked cool and designed the other flagpoles to follow suit. Argument: The Van Allen Belts the radiation belts above Earth would kill any astronaut passing through it.

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An unprotected man would, indeed, get a lethal dose of radiation, if he stayed there long enough. Actually, the spaceship traveled through the belts pretty quickly, getting past them in an hour or so. As for the manufactured approach, we have Moon rocks from Antarctica that fell as meteorites.

The samples from the Moon were tested against the samples from Antarctica , and the tests proved they are from the Moon.

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As any meteorite falls through the atmosphere, it gets scorched and oxidized. The Apollo samples do not possess those same qualities.

While the Apollo astronauts were talking to NASA, the Russians, radio astronomers, and ham radio operators from around the world were tuning in. Third party observatories, such as the Alfred Lovell, were able to confirm the authenticity of the Moon landing. If the USA had faked the landings, the Russians would have been the first to call them on the bluff. In the end, many of the claims come from people simply not understanding the principles of photography or physics.

But remember: there is a difference between a skeptic and a denier. A skeptic demands evidence, and accepts it when it is given. Deniers blindly stick to their own beliefs without any evidence and refuse to accept valid evidence when it is presented to them. Share to Facebook. Tweet This. Christina now lives in Hong Kong.

NASA Juno spacecraft spots moon shadow on Jupiter - CNET

Pearl Law is a budding children's book illustrator. She works with pencil, ink, gouache, and Photoshop, and is the illustrator of Clap Your Hands. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, a girl hears her Ah-ma tell the story of the lady whose image adorns the mooncakes.

Long ago, Hou Yi the archer saved his people from the scorching heat of 10 suns, and was gifted an immortality potion. One double-page spread features family members around a circular table, which emphasizes the motif of the full moon. Useful for introducing a significant festival celebrated in Chinese and other East Asian cultures. In this title, a grandmother aka Ahma tells the story behind the Mid-Autumn Festival. Long ago, 10 suns became bored and decided not to shine individually but came out all at once, causing big problems on Earth.

Hou Yi, a young archer, comes to the rescue by shooting down nine of the suns. He is rewarded for his efforts with a mafic potion that will let him live forever in the sky. He and his wife, Chang'e, hide it to keep it safe.

Earth's shadow on the Moon

When a thief breaks in, Chang'e swallows it, and becomes the Spirit and Lady in the Moon. Seeing her silhouette on the moon, Hou Yi realizes that his wide is now immortal. He is sad, but on the anniversary of when she became Spirit of the Lady in the Moon, he remembers her by putting out her favorite foods like small cakes. In addition to the story, there is more information about the Mid-Autumn Festival and a recipe for mooncakes with redbean filling.