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Gale finds the dark side devilishly alluring and he has a great talent for contrivance. He especially likes to probe the weaknesses that make us vulnerable. Sad but true as they say and often funny. In this very fine novel Patrick Gale proves, yet again, that he is both an exceptionally acute observer of human nature and a storyteller of the first order. This is vintage Patrick Gale — witty, funny, poignant and utterly absorbing. Nothing is wasted in this novel. The writing is irritatingly good. A modern-day myth of self-discovery, involving transsexual cabaret singers, tigers and long-lost twins.

Family is redemptive and romance is not dead in this engaging story. Gale is a good teller of tall tales and proves gloriously catty. The result is a hugely exotic, erotic concoction whose bizarre contents prove a source of continual astonishment as they are revealed… Elegant, witty and terribly tantalising. Thoroughly entertaining. Rarely, I assume, has a male written better about women.

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His females are quite outstanding. Gale weaves a hugely romantic, Austen-esque drama: coincidences, family deceptions, tragedies and affairs abound. The inevitable happy ending is, however, bittersweet. As ever the high points lie with his acutely observed characters: the central charac …. Exerts the unmistakeable force of a novelist in the process of discovering a new, strong voice. With this alarming and technically very skilful romance, he is decidedly a man to watch.

The title seems to signal something wildly offbeat and kooky. His staples are difficult loves, botched careers, tangled fam …. His heart-warming novels have amassed him a devoted legion of fans, and even the critics look forward to each new books… Expect the unexpected. Gale is at his most insightful in his descriptions of character, both of individuals and of the Frost family as a whole. His heroines are as startlingly believable as his hero, and Lawrence manages to be unforgivable on page one and pitiful enough to b …. Geographically, and in its accommodation of a variety of sexual and non sexual relationships, the plot is all over the place.

Patrick Gale describes his latest novel as a modern fairy tale.

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Its literary roots lie in the late plays of Shakespeare. A wonderfully readable family saga.

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Fifties movie stars, waspish dons and wise old women make up the supporting cast in a novel that is as straightforward as it is otherworldly — like reading Iris Murdoch without the puzzles. He even manages to make the overall tone upbeat and optimistic. The result is a must for all incurable romantics: Mills and Boon with literary cred. Gale deals with all manner of human emotions so thoroughly that, although impossible, it seems he has experienced them all himself… The Facts of Life was a magnificent novel, warm and witty and I would have to agree, achingly true and beautiful.

This novel is too deftly characterised, deeply involving and relevant to be dismissed as a saga. A memorable achievement. One associates Gale with small, perfectly formed novels written in gossamer-like prose. Here he has attempted something more like a saga in length and scope. But the quality of the writing is unaffected by the change in tack.

It is beautifully done. Although Gale dwells more on the present, his imaginative realisation of s provincial life, quaking from the social aftershocks of war, is remarkably vivid. Throughout, his insight into both male and female experience is Tiresian. Despite the pleth …. A subtle, enthralling work, it envelops the bare necessities of living and dying with an evocative sense of social history and prevailing prejudices. Past and present are conveyed with an acute eye for the telling detail while all the characters are dr ….

Short Story Press

For one of the many clever things he does in this novel is to adopt a melodramatic, cinema-style for the Forties, and a faster, television style for the Eighties. In doing this he esch …. The storytelling is vigorous. Gale is good at piling on the emotion, switching between idyll and upheaval in the manner that has brought best-selling fame to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Catherine Cookson alike.

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Imbued with a cast of captivating characters, it grippingly explores and demonstrates the elasticity of family ties and the nature of survival. Gale is both a shameless romantic and hip enough to get away with it. His moralised narrative has as its counterpart a rigorous underpinning of craft. This reads, page by page, like a superior gushy blockbuster, but has, as part of its form and subject ….

Patrick Gale chronicles the facts of life that steer a family through three generations in East Anglia. What lends an operatic scale to this superb and often sobering novel are the themes birth, death, love, creativity and topical afflictions the ho …. Patrick Gale offers us so much more than facts in this extraordinary blockbuster of a novel.

Spanning three generations, from the s onwards, it describes a family saga of wide-ranging proportions. Its exploration of family ties and tyranny is encom …. A monumental feat of imagination, achingly true and beautiful. It makes great reading. Patrick Gale leads the reader on and on through his minefield of deviance, unhappinesses, weaknesses, relationships in families and their resolutions.

It is impossible not to want to know what is to happen along the way, and therein lies its true stren …. After reading one of his novels it is possible to return to it whether it is after hours or months and re-open it at random and just start reading again. The Cat Sanctuary is a treat to be gobbled greedily.

It celebrates the strength of women.

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It is wonderful that a male writer can present so sympathetic and perceptive a picture. The Cat Sanctuary is a book with claws. It has a soft surface — a story set in sloping Cornish countryside, touching on love, families and forgiveness, delivered in a gentle, straightforward prose — but from time to time it catches you unawares… Scratc …. It is only later — when that slippery charm has conveyed its resilience to everyday brutalities never far away — that his books reveal their …. A dark tale of loss, sex and mistrust… A sensitive, thoughtful novel with a conclusion that is both unsettling and consistent. Wonderful detail of food and landscape and acute observations about the pain that can either drive people apart or help them come together make this a novel of constant change but constant pleasure.

Appealing, intelligent, sometimes richly comic, somet …. Gale unsheathes the most difficult emotions with compelling observation, elegance and charm and, best of all, he knows when to stop. Poised and pitch-perfect throughout, this is an engrossing portrait of a troubled and remarkable character. A fine writer at the top of his game. Gale writes novels that are like beautiful patchwork quilts; they come folded and every reveal brings new detail and intrigue….

Breathtakingly rich and real portrayal of a family, more powerful than any melodrama. Artists from Mozart to Cobain have proved through example that great creativity can come with great despair and torment. But while the world enjoys the fruits of thei …. At the same time, each book takes on a startlingly original tangent, focus and method. Friendly Fire, in …. Rachel Kelly is a painter with her best years behind her, living with her grown-up family in Penzance, when she wakes up one morning gripped by an inkling of fresh inspiration and with a lithium pill stuck to her forehead.

She has bipolar disorder and, …. Rachel treasures these stones and, while engaged on a groundbreaking new series ….

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The hostile reviewer rubs his hands with glee as he frames sallies about rehashed plot lines and hand-me-down characters. But Notes from an Exhibition d …. By the time troubled artist Rachel Kelly dies of a heart attack, her glory days are behind her.

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