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She performs on Fri. This interview by Daiana Feuer. Along For The Ride is a documentary about Dennis Hopper, but it's just as much about someone else: the engimatic Satya De La Manitou, who met Hopper on the commune from Easy Rider —he was part of the commune—and who spent the next forty years of his life as Hopper's right-hand man. Think of him as not just a witness to but a part of film history, or think of him—as director Nick Ebeling does—as a psychedelic Sancho Panza.

It's an intimate and charismatic documentary, dedicated fully—like Satya—to the integrity and vision of its subject. Along For The Ride screens on Wed.

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Hat And Beard Press will be releasing the film with a companion book shortly— more info on that here. He had noticed that a periodical called Detective Story Magazine, was flying off newsstands, so he started his own crime pulp: Black Mask , the first issue of which landed in October , complete with a woman being menaced with a burning branding iron on the cover.

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After just eight issues, Mencken and Nathan sold it on to a Madison Avenue publishing company — but there it pioneered a brand new genre: the hardboiled detective story. Not that work I with the police — no, not me. I suppose the character owes much of his appeal to being the sort of person the reader would be if he could. Now 78, Block is the writer behind creations including alcoholic ex-cop turned private eye Matthew Scudder and gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr. I guess I assume that if I can sympathise with a character, so can a reader.

Is the form still relevant? Ardai thinks so.

But nostalgia only gets you so far. She was very Most people in that movie had never done any- thing before, but she had training. She'd work with me, run lines with me. In that way she was really sweet. I never planned on being away from my career as long as I have. But even those creative endeav- ors had to be put on hold last year.

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Not When I did that, he got a hard-on. Here I am, this year-old girl, and he gets a hard-on. The whole crew no- ticed, and they thought it was pretty funny. I never got paid for re- hearsing. He would act like a general, you know, and make demands of me. She now only refers to herself as Cheryl. I remind her that admirers still fondly address her as Rainbeaux. But the former drive-in queen is surprised the pub- lic still remembers her at all. Wistfully, she promised to speak to me again. If she can iron out her problems, perhaps Rain- beaux will achieve her goals, including a reunion with Demme.

Somewhere over the rain- bow, dreams come true. They portrayed me as a Madonna-type person who was just a sex fiend. While still an infant, strangers smuggled her into Austria, where she was raised in an orphanage. We were very poor. I never really wanted to be an actress, actually. The rea- son I wanted to go to drama school was because I was very shy and I wanted to get rid of that hideous accent. I started to enjoy it and I found that it was a way of gaining accep- tance. I did everything from sexy roles to Shakespeare. I was seven- teen when I made it.

It was a silly, silly movie about three space women who came to Earth and had nev- er seen a man before.

But, I still have some clippings of in- terviews of Bob Saget and me when we went on the road to promote it in Chica- go. I had been cooking since I was seven, when my granny taught me, and I was a terrific cook by the time I was So, I de- cided to invest my money in a restaurant in Soho called Du Rollo, and it did very well. They tried it ail the time, but it just got me more work.

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  • It was a horrendous business experi- ence, and I lost all my mon- ey. I was conned. Things should have gone really well — 1 even had a local cooking show down there. But the construction people said that my restaurant would be ready in three months, and it took about a year and three months.

    It was a dis- aster. I did a lot of commercials for South and Central America.

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    After I lost everything I came to Hollywood. We shot it down in Mexico. We had to go through swamps with croco- diles and bugs, and it was 35 pretty icky. The girls were all freaking out.

    Suga (La' Femme Fatale' Publishing)

    Tlien, I got salmonella from dirty food and I was violently ill for about a week. It was a crazy month of filming. The original director, Billy Fine, dropped out during pre-pro- duction. Dennis Hopper, who had originally been cast in a supporting role, was sent home after arriving in Mexico drunk, stripping off all his clothes and running amok in the mountain re- sort of Cuernavaca. He was eventually found in the cus- tody of local police 20 miles away.

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    One day I said to Sybil, TTou know, maybe less screen time is better in this movie. The rape scene was just horrendous. I was screaming for real. I know you fea- tured an article on Dona Speir in a recent Femme Fa- tales [], At that time Dona was with David Wilder as well, and we were very good friends. Dona and I used to go up for TV shows together because we have similar bodies, and she would be the blonde and Td be the brunette.

    I played the owner of a night club. I had on a beau- tiful red dress and I was sucking strawberries while Jeff Goldblum came in. John Landis, who is an ex- cellent director, is kind of hyper. I like the chal- lenge of working under pressure. Her peirt is virtually nonexistent in television airings of the film; in the theatrical ver- sion of the scene, a top- less Cadell squirms when Schwarzenegger smashes a bad guy through her motel room door.

    I was pretty shy on the set, and he was so nice. I went to see him, and I look fairly sophisticated, and had this slightly proper English accent, and when he met me he really wanted me to play this sleazy, sleazy New York hooker. He said he loves to put people in characters that are the opposite of who they are, and I thought that was fun too.

    The peo- ple from Playboy saw it and offered me my own talk show where I would inter- view adult film stars and re- view their movies comed- ically, like Elvira. I got a lot of fan mail through that, in- cluding a letter from a Hun- garian man who runs the Beverly Hills Karate Acade- my.

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    He asked if I would be interested in being trained in the martial arts, and I went for it. It was done directly for video, and it plays all the time on 36 cable.