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His blazing rhetoric of wealth and power for every man, no matter how humble his origins, had changed everything, even though he had died during the early years of the movement. For women there was a different role in the brave, new Axian universe. If the menfolk noticed their women being pushed back most chose not to object.

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After all, surely it was just temporary, women would regain their rightful place when the leaders were able consolidate their new power. In the meantime, there was a universe to conquer. The clarion call of religious fervor and fanaticism had ignited a revolt; vast legions of believers had swept through the Nine Systems, taking planet after planet, system after system until they arrived here at the ultimate goal, Arcadia I, the paradise. The Axian leadership now held sway over every corner of the Nine Systems after their bloody conquest had finally beaten down centuries of settled and peaceful rule under the democratic federation, Rescom.

The prophet and visionary Axia had been the man who uniquely communicated with the Great God Ahura; in fact, some said that Axia was a God. Instead of the Rescom Federation of Planets, headed by its controlling council Res Publica, the Systems were now held under the absolute control of the three High Prophets, direct inheritors of the mantle of Axia. They were able to communicate directly with the Great God Ahura. So they said. For Blas and other senior officers the sentence would normally have been death.

Their intention was to go down fighting rather than rot in a prison cell waiting for the executioner to open the door and lead them to that final rope. The enemy had shouted their fanatic battle cry, Ax-ia, Ax-ia, but the fanatics had been more intent on revenge, a slow death, rather than a quick and easy end.

A long sentence on Nabucco I, the high-gravity toxic prison planet hell where captives toiled to wrench the precious plantium from the gas-saturated soil. It was a cruel combination of revenge and death, sadism would describe it better. Their death sentences were merely delayed for a few, short, pain-wracked years. To their surprise, four months into their sentence further charges had been laid against Blas and two others. After Nabucco I, a quick death was to be welcomed with open arms.


Wrath of Axia (The Arcadian Jihad, Book 2)

The Supreme Court was where dreams were shattered for any man who dared to oppose the iron rule of Axia. Dreams of liberty, dreams of truth, dreams of fairness, none had any place here.

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This was their law, the only law, Axian law. The doors opened slowly, with a heavy, ponderous solemnity as if to set the tone for what was to come. They were emblazoned with the dreaded symbol of the Axian Legions. The Sword of Axia, loved and welcomed by some, feared and loathed by others. The guards pushed Blas forward, he heard the clink of chains as Rusal and Smetana were dragged along behind him. He almost fell but managed to regain his balance as they began the slow walk towards their destiny. His Rescom uniform was ragged and dirty after months of imprisonment, his arms and legs held by steel shackles, but he resolved to keep his head high.

He knew the man in the center, recognized his face from the newscasts, as did every citizen of the Nine Systems. Grand Pasha Merca Gluck, the paunchy High Prophet of Axia, his cold, fleshy face set in his customary haughty expression. There was something unsettling about Gluck, his white corpse-like skin and hooked nose prominent on his face.

Even the mysterious and powerful Orphexians, women with the power of mind control, come to their aid. One of them is the beautiful and enigmatic Evelyn. Or to destroy it. Constantine forms a strong bond with Evelyn and together they become a vital part of the spearhead of the new rebellion. Sword of Axia is a lavish tale of battle and catastrophe where freedom is the prize. A story of heroes and cowards, of beautiful women and the men who would covet them.

Esoteric Christianity or the Lesser Mysteries. City: Adamant Media Corporation. The term esotericism itself was coined in the 17th century. Prayer Foundation. The red color represents the blood of Christ and brings to mind his crucifixion. Christians believe that Jesus Christ's death and resurrection is the means God uses to save believers from their sins. The cross and blood have been used since earliest Christianity to symbolize salvation through Jesus; in the words of the Apostle Paul, "And having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself;" -Colossians The white field draws on symbolism throughout the Bible equating white clothes with purity and forgiveness.

People who have been "washed white as snow" in the Bible have been cleansed from their sins Isaiah ; Psalm In conventional vexillology the study of flags, their history and sybolism , a white flag is linked to surrender, a reference to the Biblical description Jesus' non-violence and surrender to God's will. The symbolism behind the blue canton has been interpreted to represent Heaven, truth, or the Christian ritual of Baptism in water. Ferguson, David F. Wright ; consulting editor, J. Ferguson, Sinclair; Wright, David. Packer, James. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press. World Christian Encyclopedia.

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