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Understanding how animals ‘talk’ to each other | UK World Animal Protection

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What is animal communication?

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  • Sewing Supplies. Studio 2 Conversion Kit. Power Cords. Gift Cards. What's New? Qube Patterns Quilts GO! See our great community of shared projects, get inspiration and learn new tricks. Our Story. Customer care Help Center Contact us. Need Help? Past issues affect animals when stored energies such as memories or traumas result in tensions that cause the animal to alter its authentic behaviour and be in a distressed state. Animals relaying descriptions of their symptoms, feelings and pains e.

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    Communicating meaningfully about these issues helps the situation immensely. Depression and grief can manifest in emotional and physical health problems; addressing these underlying issues appropriately can improve balance and wellbeing. Assisting animals with transitions and environment changes helps prevent anxiety and abandonment fears.

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    Interspecies understanding is greatly enhanced through human and animal communication. With this increased awareness and closeness, you can create more loving and joy-filled relationships with your animal friends and indeed all of nature.

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