The Bear Marches West: 12 Scenarios for 1980s NATO vs Warsaw Pact Wargames

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Who built the strange ruins inland from the colony, and what significance do they hold to the lizardfolk that now prey upon Pridon's Hearth? Who are the mysterious Storm Kindlers? What role does the profiteering Aspis Consortium Includes dozens of new magic options including blood hexes, discoveries, new magic item mastery feats, and spells designed to work with specific eldritch strategies.


Helps you to learn the secrets hidden beneath the surface of the Pathfinder world, arts of the Inner Sea region and unleash the powers of stealth and subtlety in your Pathfinder RPG game. The Thrice-Damned House of Thrune wants to seal the Inferno Gate, an uncontrolled portal to Hell, and the nefarious player characters are tapped to accomplish the task. Too often angels and their divine allies take a back seat to the heroics of virtuous adventurers.

The Bear Marches West: 12 Scenarios for 1980's NATO vs Warsaw Pact Wargames

This title reveals thirteen holy champions, from cassisian angels and serpentine couatls to empyreal lords and the heralds of the Longacre remains in Thrune's hands, but the knights of the Glorious Reclamation have conquered the town of Kantaria, where their goddess Iomedae once ruled as a mortal. Your villainous adventurers, now official agents of House Every RPG adventure deserves to be chronicled, and every chronicler needs a journal like this designed for games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

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This collection of essays and interviews examines how From winged strix to aquatic gillmen, Golarion offers no shortage of iconic and inspiring creatures to challenge any group of adventurers. Learn about the cultures and unique abilities of the ape-like charau-ka, the inbred Helps you explore the nation of Andoran, a young, freedom-loving realm struggling to survive against imperialistic neighbors and the dangers of a rugged wilderness. With a complete overview of Andoran's history and a bestiary of Prepare for war!

The Hold of Belkzen, an orc-dominated wasteland, is as inhospitable as its bloodthirsty inhabitants. These dangers, along with a history of warfare and ruin, make it a land ripe for adventure. Each scenario includes the battle's context, weather conditions, deployments, force lists and a colour map. The scenarios range in scale from small skirmishes, with a company on each side, to large engagements, with Soviet regiments bearing down on smaller but better-equipped NATO units.

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