The Secret of the Parchments

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Hot Topics Links Current Topic:. Science 2. Take a look at the best of Science 2. It is by using scientific techniques and equipment on this material that researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the University of York have been able to discover information -- by extracting and identifying the parchment's DNA.

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Studying the history of the domesticated animals from whose skin parchment is made amounts to a study about humans at the same time. The test for this new technique were two 2x2cm scraps of parchment -- one from a late 17th century document, the other from a late 18th century document. Parchment is made up mostly of the protein collagen.

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The team then used ultra-high throughput sequencing to identify the DNA. What they found was that the 17th century sample was consistent with northern Britain, where black-faced sheep breeds such as Swaledale, Rough Fell and Scottish Blackface are common; and the second sample was more in line with the Midlands and southern Britain, during the agricultural improvements of the late 18th century that led to the emergence of regional breeds.

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  6. They can give us significant data about the source animal and using them we can learn an enormous amount about the development of agriculture in the British Isles. We want to understand the history of agriculture in these islands over the last 1, years, and with this breath-taking resource, we can. Other parchments could reveal much about livestock diversity in the country; when new breeds were introduced, for example, or changes in breeding techniques, or whether people had to introduce new animals in the wake of a disaster.

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    Sampling DNA From a 1,000-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript

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    The Secret of the Unicorn

    Why does Max Bird say to Tintin through the speaker "that night when I had your flat searched only the third one was found in your wallet"? Max Bird only gets Tintin's parchment when he kidnaps Tintin. It is clearly daytime when Tintin is kidnapped, and it was earlier in the story when Tintin's flat was ransacked. Hello Serafin and welcome to the forums! I've been wondering this same thing for a while, but thought maybe I was missing something. It is quite hard to keep track of who's got which parchment throughout that book, but I think you're right: what Max Bird says doesn't quite tally with the order of events.

    Ah yes, you are quite correct.

    Sampling DNA From a 1,000-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript

    I totally forgot about the Thompsons getting Tintin's wallet back. Jock At the beginning of this discussion, you disagreed with my view that there had been "a slip on the translators' part" and stated that: jock Serafin Member. Balthazar Moderator.

    That was when Barnaby the fat man in the blue suit was looking for the parchment - he had previously stolen the model "Unicorn" but failed to find the parchment in it.