Tips for Increasing Kindle Ebook Sales

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So reviews are hard to get.

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If you have a blog, a subscriber list or a social media following of unrelated people, not just friends and family you can ask them to review your book. You can also reach out to your favorite book bloggers and ask them to review. These services are basically just charging you a fee to advertise your book to people who have expressed an interest in reviewing books. They may or may not follow through. There is one super simple way to get a few more reviews. I write about it in more detail here , but it involves simply asking readers to review. I put a short note at the end of my books that says:.

Your fans, followers, readers and subscribers are often the first to buy your book. So build a following. Your personal blog, on social media, or here on Medium will all work fine.

It is advisable to try and get your followers onto an email list, of course. One email announcing your new book will get sales started and you can email them again later, politely reminding them that if they enjoyed the book they might want to consider leaving a review. If you have no email list but a big following here on Medium, write a story here about your book launch. Some of your followers will be interested. There is a slight advantage to doing this with any new book, as it will boost its rankings when it goes back to paid status.

Any book that is at the top of its category or even in the top 20 will make sales. This effect is usually short lived, but with my book Free Tools For Writers, Bloggers, and Solopreneurs , it lasted months. That is, it stayed on the first page of its category for about 6 months after release and just kept making sales.

Kindle Publishing Tips: Book Isn't Selling? Try This.....

It still breaks onto the first page sometimes now, if I do a lot of social media promotion around it, or write a blog post promoting it. This works even better if you have a series. But I keep the first one cheap, and often hear from readers who bought that and went on to buy others in the series.

Everyone judges a book by its cover, no matter what the common wisdom on that one is. Happy publishing, indie authors. Sign in. Get started. How I Sold Kindle Books.

If Your Book Is Not Selling Take These 5 Easy Actions

Karen Banes Follow. Write to the market Does this mean you have to stifle your creativity and only write mass market, commercial books? Release more than one book Preferably at the same time. Creating a compelling…. What rating do they have? Having better and more reviews than your competitors is a sure fire way to get the sale over the competition.

Book Description: Book descriptions are more important than people think.

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Age: Newer books usually still have a lot of Amazon love, and are usually doing big marketing pushes. So, their numbers and popularity are a little inflated. It looks at the information, and gives each keywords a score from on how hard it would be for your book to rank for that term. Data was collected using Publisher Rocket.

In the example above, I showed how just niching down in genre can really help. Looking at the numbers we can see that something like Space Marines has a lot more opportunity than something like Sci Fi Military and still gets decent searches per month. As a new author, targeting Space marines would be much better than going for Science Fiction or even Sci Fi military. And the numbers help us with this. We can target settings, events, moods, etc. As you can see, just the choice of type of wizard affects our ability to be discovered, as well as our potential share of the market.

Now, think about what it would be like just guessing at this instead of looking at the numbers. Powerful, right?

How to Boost Your Ebook Sales

Obviously, the above steps are quite tedious and back when I did it. This self-publishing software does exactly what we just talked about:. The above were steps to researching and finding profitable keywords, so now what?

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Here are 3 ways to convince Amazon your book should show up for those keywords:. Go ahead and put your well-chosen keywords here. You did some great research — stick by that. Your Book Title or Subtitle: Having the keyword phrase in your title or subtitle is a great indication that your book is about that.

Write the Right Book

But remember that Kindle Keywords are the words your target shopper uses when looking for their next book. There is debate, as to whether or not Amazon checks for Keywords in the description, but I am of the belief that they do, since their algorithm A9 says so on their home page. However, like I said in 2 above, keywords are the words your customer used to describe what they wanted and a good book description should convince them this IS the book they want.

Even more so, the book that ranks 1 gets 2x more shoppers than the book that ranks 2. So, how do you convince Amazon to rank your book 1 for that keyword so that your book benefits from all this research? Luckily, I have a full free pdf that shows you exactly how to do exactly that, legitimately. Keywords are important.