Train Robberies, Train Robbers and the Holdup Men (Illustrated) (Western Cowboy Classics Book 125)

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Both, or either of these men, we believe, might have avoided this shooting if either had possessed a desire to do so. But both being willing to risk their lives, each with confidence in himself, they fought because they wanted to fight. As stated in the evidence below, they met, one said "I don't believe you will fight. Neither exhibited any sign of a desire to escape the other, and there is no telling how long the fight might have lasted had not Richardson been pierced with bullets and Loving's pistol left without a cartridge.

Richardson was shot in the breast, through the side and through the right arm.

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It seems strange that Loving was not hit, except a slight scratch on the hand, as the two men were so close together that their pistols almost touched each other. Eleven shots were fired, six by Loving and five by Richardson. Richardson only lived a few moments after the shooting.

Loving was placed in jail to await the verdict of the coroner's jury, which was "self defense," and he was released. Richardson has not relatives in this vicinity. He was from Wisconsin.

About twenty eight years old. Together with all the better class of our community we greatly regret this terrible affair. We do not believe it is a proper way to settle difficulties, and we are positive it is not according to any law, human or divine. But if men must continue to persist in settling their disputes with fire arms we would be in favor of the dueling system, which would not necessarily endanger the lives of those who might be passing up or down the street attending to their own business.

We do not know that there is cause to censure the police, unless it be to urge upon them the necessity of strictly enforcing the ordinance preventing the carry of concealed weapons. Neither of these men had a right to carry such weapons. Gamblers, as a class, are desperate men.

They consider it necessary in their business that they keep up their fighting reputation, and never take a bluff. On no account should they be allowed to carry deadly weapons I know Levi Richardson. He was in the saloon just before the fuss, standing by the stove. He started to go out and went as far as the door when Loving came in at the door. Richardson turned and followed back into the house.

Loving sat down on the hazard table.

Organized Crime

Richardson came and sat near him on the same table. Then Loving got up, making some remark to Richardson, could not understand what it was. Richardson was sitting on the table at the time, and Loving standing up. Loving says to Richardson: 'If you have anything to say about me why don't you come and say it to my face like a gentleman, and not to my back, you dam son of a bitch.

Loving said 'you try me and see. Three or four shot were fired when Richardson fell by the billiard table.

A history of respectable fears

Richardson did not fire after he fell. He fell on his hands and knees. No shots were fired after Richardson fell. No persons were shooting except the two mentioned. Loving's pistol snapped twice and I think Richardson shot twice before Loving's pistol was discharged. Ran up to the Long Branch as fast as I could. Richardson was dodging and running around the billiard table. Loving was also running and dodging around the table.

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I got as far as the stove when the shooting had about ended. I caught Loving's pistol. Think there was two shots fired after I got into the room, am positive there was one.

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Loving fired that shot, to the best of my knowledge. Did not see Richardson fire any shot, and did not see him have a pistol. I examined the pistol which was shown me as the one Richardson had. It contained five empty shells. Richardson fell while I was there. Whether he was shot before or after I came in am unable to say. I think the shots fired after I came in were fired by Loving at Richardson. Richardson fell immediately after the shot I heard.

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  • Did not see any other person shoot at Richardson. Did not see Duffey take Richardson's pistol. Do not know whether Loving knew that Richardson's pistol had been taken away from him. There was considerable smoke in the room. Loving's pistol was a Remington, No. Duffey testified: "I was at the Long Branch Saloon. I know Levi Richardson, who is now dead. I know 'cock-eyed Frank' Loving. Both were there at the time. I heard no words pass between them.

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    They had fired several shots when Frank fell by the stove. I supposed that he was shot.

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    I then had a scuffle with Richardson, to get his pistol, and threw him back on some chairs. Succeeded in getting his pistol. There might have been a shot fired by one or the other while we were scuffling. Cannot say whether Richardson had been shot previous to that time, but think he had, as he was weak and I handled him easily. Richardson then got up and went toward the billiard table and fell. I can't swear whether any shots were fired at Richardson by Loving after Richardson was disarmed.

    Don't think Loving knew I had taken the pistol from Richardson. It was but a few seconds after I took Richardson's pistol that he fell. Dodge City has added another item to her history of blood, and rum has found another victim.

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    Yesterday afternoon B. Martin and A. Webb became involved in a dispute in a saloon on Main street. Many complimentary allusions to the parentage, habits, and previous history of the parties, usually passed during such scenes in Dodge circles, were freely bandied between the two, ending by Webb knocking Martin down. Martin, who was a remarkably small man, generally inoffensive and timid, made an apology to Webb for some of his strongest epithets, and then went out and sat upon a bench in front of his little tailor shop adjoining Henry Sturm's saloon.

    Webb seemed to be very little placated by the submission of his little antagonist. He walked up Main street, threatening more vengeance at every step. He went into Zimmerman's hardware store and asked Mr. Connor to loan him a pistol, but he refused. He then went to his house on the hill, saddled his horse, got his Winchester rifle and returned to Main street.