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Too loud for me. I agree with Sandra that your legacy is being written with what you do for artists, bringing us all together for watercolor month and to DOodle. Thanks so much, Karen! I always create although I flit around from one thing to the next. The one creative thing I do, and have done since I can remember, is cook. I get a lot of pleasure out of cooking.

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Like your Philippe I am guessing. I like to cook to make things that taste good, and I like to feed people. Your painting looks just like the real thing. Thanks, Sharon! Wonderful rendering of that iconic sign and love the information about the artist. And, thank YOU for creating your legacy; it touches the heart of so many people. Thanks, Mary! Words and all! I could see a lot of people wanting a copy of this one. I have never been to Las Vegas, nor have I ever wanted to. I went to Reno a million years ago.

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I am an unlucky person so I guess I would lose my shirt in Vegas. Thanks so much, Lori! I think my luck comes in other ways! It certainly takes the breath away. Thanks, Jacob! Your note that Betty never copyrighted the design provides a lesson to us all, that sometimes art can be a true gift for all from an artist driven to create. Thanks so much, Bob!

Thanks so much, Sarah! If we create for any other reason, it would become rather tough to create at times. I liked your rendering to the sign. To me, it look liked something the chamber of commerce came with on shoe-string budget. Like most folks, I was under the impression that the strip and the sign were part of Las Vegas and not a small town called Paradise. Thanks for that bit of Americana history. NOTE: Doodlewash login has changed. Enter your email address to get notifications of new blog posts by email.

Email Address. Get Posts Via Email! View More…. RSS - Posts. Want to say hi and connect? Do you make lovely things with watercolor and want to be featured in the next Guest Artist post?! Not sure, just feel the need to say something? Just fill out the form below! Toggle navigation. Previous Challenges Archive Community? Go to the shop.

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Painting Faces February 23, February 23, , 63 I almost never draw human faces, as they are devilishly difficult to do. Sandra Strait 2 months ago. Linus rented a board for a few days, and got to enjoy early morning surf in Cloud 9. On our last day, we took a day trip for a bargain — 17 EUR including a food feast for lunch, with fresh grilled tuna, fruits, pork, rice — of course -, which brought us to the three islands close to Siargao: Daku, Guyam and Naked Island.

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It was time for some great snorkeling, and I even got the chance to see clownfish at last, which are pretty rare. They say you can never stay long enough in Siargao. Cyrielle Nau July 24, Welcome to Siargao. Welcome to Paradise.

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Welcome to Surf Paradise. Mangroves Coconut trees Rock pool — perfect low tide bath Motobike around the island Jacking Horse surf spot and beach The island is not so difficult to access, and is just an hour flight from Cebu, the second biggest city in the Philippines after Manila.

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After the earthquake 5 am — quiet sunrise I think most pictures speak for themselves when it comes to this island. Except for two things that you cannot see and that made this particular stop one of our favorite in our trip: The kindness of the locals. We knew that Philippinos were famous for their kindness and their warm welcome. With an impressive level of english everything is literally written in english , it was very easy to communicate with the locals.

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On top of that, they are extremely social and welcoming people so it was lots of fun and very interesting to talk to them about their lives and their view on the touristic development of their island. The quality of the tourism. Yet it is built on surf tourism primarily, which means no massive resorts or buses, or big boats.

tauparacla.tk All villas and resorts here are small, genuine places, and the life is outside, as everything is just in the open. On top of that, the island has great programs to preserve the nature. Free water is given everywhere where you can fill your own bottles, no plastic straws or any one time use plastics are given, there are weekly cleanings of beaches and a recycling program. It is one of the cleanest places we have seen if we compare to other asian beach paradises like Thailand, Bali or Phu Quoc.

And San Mig — always! Selfie Sunset Bye Bye Siargao. Author: Cyrielle Nau. Previous Article Yangshuo - A short trip to karst country.